Trevor's 'A Quest for Pearl'

10/05/2020 Created by Erin
In order to raise vital funds for Farleigh Hospice, and in memory of a dear friend Pearl Bonner, I have decided to undertake a journey from Farleigh Hospice to The Cornwall Gold Centre, Redruth in my Austin Seven “Bluebell”. On my arrival, Cornwall Gold have promised to donate a PEARL for me to bring back to Farleigh Hospice, for them to auction to raise funds at a suitable future event. I hope to raise as much publicity and sponsorship for my journey as possible, including local Companies. To publicise the event I will be approaching local radio stations and television stations en route. I will also contact Austin Seven Clubs in the counties I travel through, in the hope that they will support the event and perhaps ‘escort’ us through their club area. If you would like to sponsor this challenge or think you may be able to help in any way, you can contact me by email at Please visit for more information.

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